Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reorganising the house

I've beem musing for a while if a certain piece of furniture would fit in a different space and if it would work well there. I'd measured up and determined it would fit, but was undecided on whether or not it would work.

It's going to have to work as I've now moved it and I'm not moving it back! Unfortunately this means that currently about half of what it previously contained is on the dining room table, it needs sorting through and allocating a new home.

I also think I've returned most of the Duplo (big lego) collection to it's home, taped up some damaged boxes and done a few other bits and bobs that has made a big change to one corner of the back room.

Whether it was the exertion or just where my body is on the coughing thing right now, the result was lots of coughing, which seemed to cause pain beyond my chest, which hasn't gone away now I'm no longer coughing. I can't figure out if I feel worse because of how long this has been going on, or if it actually is worse, but the one thing it isn't is any better and it's 5 days out of the 7 of trying the current treatment before we move to trying a scheduled rather than just as needed inhaler - I didn't think 30 year old non smokers could develop asthma, but if the nurse practioner is right, then apparently they can!


sharalyns said...

Yep! And almost all of that asthma is allergy induced (you can develop allergies at any time). If you haven't already, you may want to be tested and/or get on Zyrtec, Claritin, or whatever won't interfere with other meds. :-)

mumprime said...

I tried Claritin, one dose seemed to be ok, but after a few days it seemed like it was having an effect on my milk supply so I had to stop.