Friday, April 23, 2010

eggplant - flop

I had nursed some eggplant seeds into germinating, they require warmth above room temperature, so I had to rig up a source of heat, eventually up they came, but when I checked on them today, they had all gone flop. My best guess is that I didn't give them light soon enough.

However, if I sow some more seeds again this weekend, I think they have a chance of being mature enough for planting out when the weather is warm enough, I'd planned on a 2nd and possibly 3rd sowing anyway, as it's hard to predict exactly when the weather is going to be warm and when the first frost will come.

If it doesn't work out, maybe I'll hit a local nursery or garden centre and see if they have any varieties that might work in our garden.

I'm also debating whether to chance a first sowing of beans soon, it may be too cool, but you get so many in a packet, that if it fails, it's no big deal. Carrots are also high on my mental to do list for getting in the ground.

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