Thursday, April 22, 2010

Captain of the friendship

That phrase sounds ungrammatical to me, but it's what Sausage Boy's teacher calls a child when it's their week to tell the class about themselves, have their parents come in etc.

Today was parent presentation day and it's a hard act to follow when recently they had a brain surgeon in! We decided to talk about ballroom dancing and I decided my tactic would be to not plan it and cross my fingers that the students got involved and had questions.

Thankfully that approach worked great, I asked them if any of them had seen "Dancing with the Stars", which a lot of them had and then had them tell me any types of dances they could remember, which seemed to go fairly well for 6 and 7 year olds, even if some of the answers were the songs or themes.

We showed a video clip of Sausage Boy dancing and of a fairly good couple who were 9ish when the video was taken, then Sausage Boy demonstrated a cha cha, with Banana Girl, who has never taken a dance class, so though it was bad as Sausage Boy hasn't been doing classes recently and I was counting rather than using music and also trying to name the steps.

Then we clapped the rhythm together which I was impressed with and one of the girls asked a good question about types of music and the beat of the music in her ballet class.

Sausage Boy also showed some medals and ribbons, so all in all, it went extremely well and there were still hands up to ask questions when it was time for them to go to lunch, which is how it should be, rather than ending in an awkward silence!

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