Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This crazy body

I really don't get this, conventional wisdom is that you stiffen up after being still, but the past few days have gone in reverse, my low back (I think it's the SI joints) stiffens up and this afternoon, it wasn't just an "I feel stiff" moment, but a "the broccoli is on the bottom shelf of the fridge how on earth am I going to get it" kind of moment.

Last week I finally picked up the phone to schedule an appointment to consider a cortisone shot in my hip, only to find that the doctor I've seen before has left, but it's been a long gap, so that's not such a big deal. I've never had a cortisone shot, I've got close, but me and needles in joints does not have a good history, the needle has only won once whilst I'm awake and it's a good job no one was monitoring my vital signs if the amount of sweat was anything to go by! I figure I've got to try it once otherwise I'll never know if it can help, at least if I know how it helps I can weigh that up with the risks, because from what I know it seems like the risks are from doing it repeatedly rather than just once.

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