Friday, March 19, 2010

Reading levels

Today was report card day, I'm not entirely convinced of the benefit of assessing kids quite so frequently, but it's interesting to see if the child we know and love is demonstrating the same things at school as he is at home. In particular, it's obvious to us that since the last report that he's made huge strides in reading, would the testing agree? Thankfully it did, which then raised the question what on earth do these random letters and numbers mean, I managed to for a chart that compares several different systems and they seem to be using two of them, one numerical and one alphabetical, I think they must have been labelling books according to "Reading Recovery Levels" which is a number, the first book I saw labelled with a number not a letter was K, so that fits, apparently he's now level M.

We've noticed that he's singing more and my assumption was that this was because he could now read the words on the overhead projector at church, I don't even know what they do in music at school, but I doubt it's singing words from a screen, apparently he's above grade level in that class. I've been wondering for a while if we should try and get him started on an instrument, one of our neighbours is an organist, I've been thinking of asking her if she teaches and if she'd consider trying it out with him.

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