Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quilt Show

I finally made it to the Quilter's Anonymous show today, though the drive there freaked me out somewhat, the last few miles are a single lane in each direction road with no separation between the carriageways. The speed limit is mostly 55mph, which people don't really stick to and there are quite a lot of trucks and I ended up with a truck following me who clearly thought I was driving too slowly. Looking back, I probably should have just pulled off, but I found it pretty stressful, not leaving enough distance is a common driving mistake, but knowing that the most likely cause of a collision would be a head on and having a huge truck right on my tail didn't make it a pleasant drive.

This kind of show, where basically, members can show whatever they want, is quite revealing of current trends, there was one pattern, which annoyingly, I can't even visualise, which I saw three times and I'm not just talking the same general pattern, but identical dimensions, borders, fabric tones etc. the only difference being the exact choice of fabric. I wasn't on the look out for anything in particular, sometimes I'm looking for ideas on how to use a particular fabric, or quilt a particular design, but this time, I was just looking, but it's interesting to reflect on what attracted me, for some reason I was particularly drawn to hand quilting, which is a bit of a surprise. I've been musing for a while on a small whole cloth quilt and I'm now wondering if I should instead try a small hand quilted whole cloth.

Unless a quilt is designed to hang on a wall, then hanging them up isn't really the best way to display them, just as putting paintings on beds doesn't show them off! When I sat down to have a coffee and feed Grace, I could see quite a few quilts from different angles and I realised how much I'd missed on the first viewing, when I'd looked quite closely, so I wandered around again trying to look from different view points!

There was a good selection of minatures this year, I've done one minature and I was pleased with it, actually, it's the only thing I have hand quilted! The nice thing about minatures is that even though making the blocks takes no less time than making them larger, putting it together, quilting and binding it is way faster, you get a finished quilt very quickly!

After debating over joining the group for 3 years, I finally did, joining at the show costs 20 dollars and lasts until mid September, if I never go to a meeting, or do anything with it, then it's not the end of the world, but I do intend to try and get involved with a satellite group, hopefully I'll find one which has some under fifties in it! No offense to my many wonderful friends who are that age, but it would be nice to meet some younger quilters too!

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