Friday, March 19, 2010

The problem with counting rubbish

I've not been idle on the decluttering/organising project, but I've realised that unless I'm working on an area with a significant number of things destined for the bin, then counting them takes more time than it's worth! I've made some good progress on the bookshelf I use for sewing and quilting storage, but I've not thrown much out, at one point I began collecting things to be binned in a pile on the floor, but that turned out to be troublesome and potentially self defeating, I'm making a lot of temporary piles on the floor, which need to be moved at frequent intervals before they get attacked by a child (aka Grace).

I made a decision to box up my serger (overlocker in English), I got it free, I've used it, I intend to use it again in future, but it isn't something I'm likely to use fo just a few minutes here and there, so away seems like a good place! Unfortunately the box I found was about an inch too shallow, I think I'll just have to put it somewhere such that nothing could go on top of it.

My idea in that corner of the room is to have things organised such that I can sit down and sew for a few minutes here and there, mess and junk was accumulating such that that wasn't possible, but a major transformation is occuring, I really am getting there in this area.

Clutter is a big deal for me, I'm not a neat person, I usually rely on my good memory rather than rigid organisation. But the mess and clutter bother me, I'm not a hoarder in the sense that I don't throw anything away that I might potentially need, but I do err on the side of keeping things, or not processing them straight away. Paper is the biggest problem, it comes home in school bags, in the mail, and seems to multiply and every empty surface seems to attract it. We have a desk that we created to fit our house in the UK, amazingly it fitted perfectly here too, but it's now downstairs, it's a paper magnet, I don't think I've used "my" side of it since we moved here. I get frustrated that every time I put some effort into purging some of the paper and make a little space, it rapidly fills up again. Sometimes I wonder if I should find a very large box and just plonk everything into it and if we don't use it, then we don't need it!

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