Friday, March 12, 2010


I fell over Wednesday morning, I didn't slip or trip, nor did I feel pain before I went down, my left leg just vanished from under me. My ankle felt slightly sore afterwards, but it wasn't until Thursday morning that other pains started to appear. The whole hip area has the same kind of thing that you feel the day after unusual exertion, or the day after a car crash, perhaps a bit worse.

We'd already arranged some back up childcare for this afternoon, which I'm immensely greatful for, but I'm at a loss as to what to do with myself. I've got plenty of ideas as to what to do, but I'm not in the mood, maybe that is painkillers speaking.

I need to think of something to cook with beef that's already cut for stir fry, I got it out of the freezer yesterday, but decided I wasn't going to survive cooking before I'd made a plan other than what meat to use. I can't remember whether I bought it frozen, or put it straight in the freezer, so I really need to use it today.

I also seem to have chicken drumsticks multiplying in the freezer, so I need to find a recipe other than sticky ginger chicken to use them, yummy though that way of cooking them is.

I've done some more garden planning and I definitely want to plant some spinach ASAP, we eat loads of it and apparently they are good plants for growing in the shade. I've also come across some varities that aren't actually true spinach but can be used in the same way that are red or purple vines that can be grown in hanging baskets, which sounds rather fun. Banana Girl wants to grow pumpkins and having cleared a lot of material from our small south facing front garden last year, it seems like something worth trying, so we chose a couple of packets of seeds whilst we were picking up prescriptions yesterday. Since we are having a mild winter, it may be worth starting some of the seeds inside soon and taking a chance of putting them out earlier than normal, there should be enough in the packet that we can do some on the normal schedule too.

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