Thursday, March 18, 2010

I still don't like this title thing!

I'm full up of cold, my brain is working really slowly! Somehow, I managed to sort out some of the plants from yesterday, with some assistance from Banana Girl, we chose a pot for the ginger scented geranium, apparently it doesn't mind getting dry, or does it need deep roots, but it's ended up in a bigger pot than necessary as the one that looked perfect had a very happy lavender plant in it that I thought it best not to disturb.

I stared at a small pot of leeks for a while before eventually deciding they could survive a while longer in the pot they came in. Some swiss chard found a home in the middle of a large pot, I chose this plant because it comes up with multicoloured stems which apparently look fantastic in sunlight. I plan to put something around the edge of the container, but I haven't figured out what!

Whilst brewing a cup of tea I got brave and took the aerator to the old compost pile, it's quite liquidy down below, but the bubbles indicate it's doing something, I may need to mix some dry material into it, but we don't have a shortage of dry material, so that's ok.

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