Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I definitely have more energy these days, tired, but more energetic. The longer days and the clock change work very well for me! I've been enjoying getting out in the garden after dinner.

Unforunately, last night, in an attempt to pull up some roots, I managed to snap the pipe to one of the sprinklers, it looks like we should just be able to get a new section of pipe, a small job, not a big job we hope!

I stood and stared at the front garden for a while, it is overplanted like crazy, all we've done since we moved here has been to remove things and more things and discover new things under the tall things etc. we got to being past caring what things got removed and if it's a thing that spreads, then we said good bye! Unfortunately these things have grown rather a lot of roots, I put in a handful of winter pansies in October or November to fill in some of the spaces and the poor plants didn't really have a chance.

I'm still not convinced if the remaining things deserve the title of plants, there are some nice ones, but in odd places, but I think we have to remove them rather than try and make things work around them because the "soil" is like trying to grow things in an extremely large pot that is severely root bound.

On a more positive note, I've transplanted some leeks, which was fun, if a little awkward with four people surrounding a pot only a foot wide and balancing Grace in my other arm.

There is still a lot of work to do, unfortunately more of the back breaking kind than the fun stuff. However I've discovered that Banana Girl is a good helper when it comes to washing the sides of older pots. Grace is a bit of a problem though, she gets cross if I close the door with her on the other side, even though she can see through it, I tried putting a line of toys to distract her, which worked, for about 5 minutes, until she crawled top speed across the deck and covered herself with soil! I'm wondering about trying a play pen in the middle of the deck, but it's evil to put up and take down and with the heavy work, I prefer to do it in short bursts!

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