Tuesday, March 16, 2010

cough cough here, cough cough there, here a cough there a cough everywhere a cough cough

hmm, that's probably too long a title, but it's definitely what our house sounds like at the moment!

I just discovered Banana Girl's preschool has a teacher training day on Friday, I'm not thrilled, somehow I'd managed to miss out on the info until an email today, I think I even signed her up for lunch, rather than the sign up sheet being available but crossed out, which is usually what they do for random days off.

I'd been thinking of heading to a quilt show, but now I'm unsure what to do, a stubborn 4.5yr old could really wear me out, but I do want to go, it's a guild show, non juried, so it shows everything anyone wants to show, which means that rather than looking at quilts as works of art and craftsmanship that I could never aspire to, I actually pick up ideas that are potentially acheivable, whilst at the same time getting to drool over a few outstanding quilts, I didn't make it in 2008, but the 2008 best in show was on display in 2009 and I could have stared at it for hours, though rather irritatingly they'd hung it behind a table of people selling tickets, but I got bold and asked to look closer, it's the first quilt on thispage, which does it absolutely no justice, it has tiny stuffed berries, details sketched in and beautiful quilting. The five dollar entry fee and the drive up to Monroe was worth it just for that!

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