Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 in 2010

I came across a challenge to declutter 2010 items from your home in 2010, the idea was by any method, bin, recycle, donate, sell etc. I had the realisation that I could easily get rid of 2010 items to trash or easy recycling, so I'm doing it and I'm not just going for doing it in the year, I'm going for doing it as fast as possible!

However, I don't want to make it too easy, I'm not counting every single sheet of paper, every single receipt, I found a back of small reels of thread that I had no idea what they were made of and haven't used in 10+ years, they were tangled with the odd thing that seemed worth keeping, so every handful that I separated off I counted as one.

I'm trying to attack areas where I know there is significant proportions of things that need to go, otherwise I get distracted organising, which is no bad thing. The idea of getting rid of 2010 things seems to freeing, I want to focus on that. The only problem is, I don't want to misjudge something that is precious to a child that I didn't know about, so I think I may have to create a half way house in the garage and keep things there for a couple of weeks. I may have to create a separate box that isn't rubbish, but is the keep for a year type of box, even if it becomes a keep for three years box, I think I can cope with that.

Which reminds me I cleared some clothes away before I was even pregnant, they weren't fashionable then I'd be loony to think they've come back in, so that's a few boxes I should go through. I figure any tidying, sorting, purging is good whatever the next few years bring. We've just created a space for Nathanael where he can shut the door and do men things, it's like an indoor shed, without the power tools. I've told him he can come to me with a list of things he wants and I'll either find them in the house, or depending on what is is to buy it

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