Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've suddenly found myself with a cot next to my bed, not really what I expected. We tried moving Grace into the spare room at Christmas time as she was making noises that were keeping me awake. Andrew was bed hopping in the aim of someone waking up before she really had to scream, she was still in her cosleeper and the last couple of weeks we've been really pushing the limit as to whether that was safe, so last night, out came the cot - which meant we had to decide where to put it.

Long term, it will probably go in with the other kids, our house layout works best with their bedroom being only for sleeping (we don't even store current clothes in there), so we can stack a few more kids in there, but she's waking too much to risk that just yet. There isn't space for it in the spare room whilst also preserving access to other things, plus Andrew views the spare room experiment as a failure, so it's back to our bedroom.

Last night was fine, it's oddly positioned, but by keeping the drop side down I can sit up and lift her in and out without injurying bits of me. Daytime naps might not work so well, our windows are south facing and on a sunny day a lot of light gets around the shutters, which are also annoyingly difficult to close, so we've long since adapted to sleeping with them open. Not that daytime naps were working fantastically well anyway!

It seems close to impossible to truly baby proof any section of the house, but that doesn't really seem to matter - if she won't let you go out of her sight, then she's never out of ours! Which buys us a little more time, it's mostly the other kids' toys that are the issue, but bins also seem to be a fascination.

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Joe, Jennifer, Clara, Hannah, Eliza said...

It worked out to have eliza in our room in her crib for 13 months, but I think it just depends on the kid! Good luck with Grace-I hope you can all sleep well :) We stapled a dark sheet over our window to make it work for naptimes...but then you have to go without the sunlight the rest of the day, so I don't know how much time you spend in there. We just left it hanging up all the time.