Saturday, January 2, 2010

A wierd dream

I had an odd dream this morning.

Someone died - which though not for me a common occurance in dreams isn't particularly remarkable.

The quirk arose as I didn't know the person had died and was seeing her in all the places I'd expect to see her and thus other things that were happening didn't make sense.

So the next time I saw this person, I tried to talk to them and the response was finger to lips "shh....", with a look that said, I'm with my family, don't let them in on our secret.

I suppose it's kind of logical that if you are seeing visions of a dead person, it might not be a good idea to announce that to the bereaved family, but then logic doesn't usually apply to dreams.

So I woke with a mixture of feeling, including that I was going crazy and that I should have noticed as everytime I'd seen her in the dream she was wearing the same clothes and had her hair exactly the same way - but of course it was a dream, so I was only dreaming that I was having visions and not recognising that I was having them. I was still left with a nagging feeling that I needed to check this person was still alive. Thankfully as I became fully awake, I could rationally put the dream into perspective as just a dream, but there is still a bit of me that will be anxious to see this person the next time I'm present where she usually would be and hoping that she isn't wearing the same clothes as in the dream.

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