Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tesco bans shoppers in nightwear and bare feet

See article here.

I can see there problem with bare feet, but wouldn't a notice stating it was at your own risk cover that one?

Are they going to start defining what nightwear is? If I wear it in bed at night does it become nightwear? So those old sports trousers that I wore in bed during pregnancy are forever banned from seeing the light of day?

I don't know if this Tesco is 24hrs, but if you have to do an emergency middle of the night shop, getting dressed isn't high on my list of priorities.

But then you are talking to the woman who deliberately has outside shoes for slippers, so that if I forget to change them, no one notices.


betsy said...

It is difficult to define nightwear in this era.

All they would need to do is throw on a long dress coat and boots over their pajamas.

This is how I dealt with it the other night when I had to get out of bed to pick up a child after a late gymnastics class.

mumprime said...

We were at gymnastics yesterday, it looked like a lot of the teenage gymnasts showed up in PJs, but it's probably some kind of fashion statement that I'm missing right now!

betsy said...

All the girls on my oldest's team wear pajama bottoms over their leotards on the way to gymnastics. It is a fashion thing, but I have never considered trying to participate. I'm sure my daughter would be mortified if I tried.