Monday, January 4, 2010

looking forward...

The new year and reading others reviews of the last year, or even the last decade and also making new year's resolutions make me oscillate between wanting to do something similar and wanting to find some sand to bury my head in!

I haven't made any new year's resolutions, I rarely do, though there are a few things that I've decided to do over the last few weeks.

One decision I made was to read the bible chronologically, I've only done this in a very rough interpretation, the bible as a novel, I don't recall the author and I think that there are more than just the one such text around, but this time I want to do it from the version we use at church. I found a nifty website that will produce you a schedule, including links to the text available at, I didn't look for this until the 1st January, having decided to wait to start until then, but you can choose to start on the 1st or 15th of any month (the programmer in me wonders why if you're going to give choice why can it not be any choice). I've set the page as my homepage, I plan to read from my bible rather than online, but have already found the online link useful to cross reference something.

Another plan was to exercise more, which resulted in us buying a low end stationary recumbent bike, then me feeling guilty I wasn't using it much because I was still feeling grotty after swine flu, but I have now managed to do reasonable chunks of time though at fairly low resistance and moderate rpms. I don't know if what I've been doing will continue to work with our schedule, but at the moment I'm working out in my pajamas, before I shower, which saves excessive changing of clothes and extra showers!

So whilst these aren't new year's resolutions in the traditional sense, they are resolutions in some way, but hopefully ones that as the came out of desire and thought that aren't ones so easily thrown aside!

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