Sunday, January 3, 2010


Unborn babies often get "womb names", I think I was Jemima (or maybe I dreamt that!), when I became pregnant with Sausage Boy, a few people we knew were calling their unborn babies names from the bible that were unlikely to be used for real.

As DH and I share an initial and my parents share an initial, we were not going to go the route of having the whole family share an initial, so it seemed to me like giving the bump a name beginning with A made sense, so I started at the beginning of the bible and read until I found an A name that I liked, I didn't have to get far before we settled on Arphaxad, it's in Genesis 10!

I was reminded of all this because I read that chapter today, but in the ESV I bought because our church here uses that version (I used to use the NIV), but it is spelled Arpachshad, rightly or wrongly, that grates on me, I can be pretty confident if that is the first spelling I'd seen I'd have skipped over it to the next A name!

My knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet and pronunciation is pretty hazy, I may have been making the sound of "Arphaxad" in my head wrong all the time and I'm almost certainly mispronouncing the intended pronunciation of "Arpachshad", but it's not a transliteration system I'm familiar with and at this moment in time, not one I like! Though that is just due to the emotional attachment, not any linguistic knowledge.

I remember exchanging emails with my Gran and she sent me as graphic of Arphaxad in Egyptian hieroglyphs, which, for want of a better word, I found exceedingly cool!

Whilst I'm on this topic, Banana Girl was Zadok, which relates to Sausage Boy's real life name, though we ended up having her share our initial and our attempts to avoid that were a frequent topic of conversation on bus rides and a point of unspoken dispute resulting from me asking to call her that at a time and place DH felt unable to refuse. Grace's in utero name was much more gradually reached upon and not much used, but officially, she was Runner Bean!

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