Saturday, December 12, 2009


We've been wanting to try a new chinese restaurant near our house, but whenever we pass it, it's busy to overflowing, but today worked out such that we were there for an early dinner and we could be seated without waiting.

The kids have some favourites, which they were disappointed not to find on the menu, which resulted in a bit of a strop from one of them, but we made our choice, not really knowing what we would get.

One dish was something we've not come across before, they brought a bowl of what looked like rice krispie treats, and poured soup over it. We'd chosen chicken and mixed seafood and it was gorgeous!

Grace is at a challenging stage for dinners out, not ready for the high chair, but rather wriggly and grabby for sitting on knees! We managed, just! Eating with chopsticks is definitely the way forward for one handed eating - thinking back, I remember the summer after banana girl was born, I'd make myself a salad for lunch and eat that with chopsticks.


3boysmama said...

where is it?

mumprime said...

Spiced, near Radio Shack on 156th