Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sometimes our minds have thoughts that we don't really want to be having, though before anyone worries I'm not contemplating suicide or self harm.

I read somewhere, probably wikipedia, though it doesn't seem to be there now that there is a presumption that a mentally well person could not possible wish to kill themselves and thus death by suicide indicates mental illness whether it was diagnosed or not.

I may be remembering wrong, but my recollection is that though this is not the view of the experts that it is a commonly held view.

I can't with any certainty recall where I've stood on this in the past, but my thinking now would be that even when there is a mental health problem that it may not always be correct to point to that as the cause of the suicide.

As you all should know I'm a Christian and thus I believe suicide and self harm to be wrong though sadly none of us live lives free from sin. But without a Christian world view on what basis are they wrong? I can see that repeated incidents of self harm cannot be good for your long term mental health, but I'm beginning to see that in the complex world we live in there could be many complex situations where suicide would seem like a reasonable option and thus in the opposite direction threat of suicide doesn't necessarily imply a mental health problem.

That was some pretty bizarre rambling!

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