Thursday, December 24, 2009

The presents are wrapped...

...or rather placed in paper bags, I intended to wrap them and we have plenty of wrapped gifts from other people, so we won't lack for unwrapping fun. If it all works out ok tomorrow, then I'm highly tempted to do this again, but maybe make a big deal of decorating the bags. Part of the issue was stocking overflow, if we were going to include Grace in having a stocking we needed to acquire another one and in discussing this decided that it would be fun to all have stockings. We had a very lucky stumble across and found gorgeous knitted stockings at a dollar each, but smaller than the ones we've used the last 3 years, but with those in mind I had a few small presents for the kids that didn't fit in this years stockings.

We've also mucked up somewhat by having had a brilliant idea for something to get Sausage Boy, which was also a moderately pricey brilliant idea, but have failed to have a brilliant idea, or even an idea for what to give Banana Girl. I think she'd love something from the Littlest Pet Shop range, or maybe My Little Pony, but I stared at them in the store and couldn't make a decision, I think we'll have to take her to choose something for herself next week!

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