Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Do you ever want to ask a question, invite someone to an event, but then stop yourself because you wonder what people will think that they'll be trying to work out why and possibly therefore what you want.

I have a problem with this, it's a bit irrational though as I don't do any deep thinking when questioned, offerred kindness etc. but when I think of doing something, I usually panic about what it might be interpreted as and probably 9 times out of 10 my thought is lost. But when it isn't, when I carry the thought through, there are still the doubts in my head, the fears about communicating a demand or incorrect message.

My experience in the real world suggests I'm not the only overthinker, but not everyone is an overthinker, I need to calm my overthinking tendancies to the level where they don't avoid action and hope that if they hit another overthinker that it would be easily resolved.

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M-A and N said...

I recognise this feeling so well. For me, it usually comes to the fore when trying to decide whether to add a comment to someone's blog (like this)... Or when I bring a flyer for an event into work for someone specific, then fail utterly to give it to them, because I can't quite find the right time/way for it.