Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well baby visit

Grace weighed 13lb8oz, which is a little lighter than I expected, but satisfactory, with the charts our doctor uses it's 8th centile. Her height was 25 1/4 inches, which is 50th centile, which surprises me as neither of our other kids have ever been anywhere near that tall, she does seem to have a longish body, but not long overall. Head was 16 1/4 inches, 25th centile. Everything checked and asked indicates that she really is a "well" baby!

We talked about solids and the doctor reminded me that breastfeeding is still the primary food and agreed that Grace didn't seem ready yet as she still has the tongue thrust reflex. She is suggesting we start with iron fortified cereal though, which I wasn't planning to do but because we weren't starting solids anyway, I hadn't reviewed the facts as to why I don't think this is necessary, I just quickly checked here and confirmed I hadn't got my facts mixed up. I know my iron is good, I had it checked 2 weeks ago and the doctor was surprised how good it was for 6 months post partum, so I know my milk is going to contain plenty of it!

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