Tuesday, November 3, 2009

up and down

It was so good to feel a bit perkier yesterday morning that I was disappointed as the end of the afternoon came that my mood started to fall, particularly as I'd got some rest, the kids were being pretty good and dinner was planned. Unfortunately that's the nature of depression, looking at the negatives not the positives, but even by the end of yesterday I had at least realised that that was how I was looking at things and went to bed feeling encouraged that I'd had several hours of feeling better.

Unfortunately I took a long time to get off to sleep last night and Grace woke early and though I fell back asleep, she only slept another 1.5 hours, so I'm feeling sleep deprived today.

I also had to be out early to meet with Sausage Boy's teacher at 8am! I took Grace, even though she didn't need feeding so that Andrew wasn't having to juggle all three of them. Apparently he is a delight to have around and she doesn't really have any concerns about him, everything is average or better, in particular his speaking, he's not really a surprise to us as though he wasn't an early speaker, once he got going, there was no stopping him and he uses some pretty big words. We found last year in kindergarten that he's a natural when it comes to public speaking.

One thing that does bother us is the maths curriculum, I suspect it's one of those things where it's better than previous ones for weaker students and similar for the vast majority of students, but that it holds back the brighter students. It insists that they show working for things that last year in kindergarten working wasn't required, so to do something like 5+3, instead of just answering 8, they have to write 6 7 8 above the 3 and it's absolutely rigid in requiring that they do it that way. I remember at school, showing your working was always encouraged, but rarely demanded, if you didn't show working but got everything right you wouldn't lose marks, just earn a comment of "please show your working"! Thankfully it seems that unlike his parents Sausage Boy so far is very content to do as he is asked, but as the weeks go on, what he does in his head just because he wants to is rapidly diverging from what he does on paper. I can see that when it gets to multiplication he will have likely taught himself his timestables then be taught to draw everything out and at some point he may well not be so happy to oblige. For now we'll continue to encourage him to produce neat and accurate work and keep our concerns to ourselves, but it seems inevitable that at some point we'll have to consider our options.

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3boysmama said...

maybe it is his teacher b/c micah isn't required to write the numbers out when adding.