Monday, November 16, 2009

The therapy without a name

I'm seeing this psychiatrist who uses a type of therapy that is so new it doesn't have a name. It's based on neuroplasticity in layman's terms it's about rewiring the brain, hunting down bad connections that feed low mood and creating new one. In practice it seems to be a lot about being aware of your body and she often asks "what are you noticing?".

I'm not really sure what to make of it. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the focus on the individual, one analogy she uses is a lifeboat bobbing around on an ocean and we can't control the ocean, but we can make the lifeboat more comfortable.

I also struggle with the mind/body connection. I don't want to deny it, but it's had a bit impact on my past, I had postnatal depression after my first child was born. My 2nd child was born 2 years later and I had an horrific time physically, but in seeking to get help with that I still had the label of depression and it was a battle to get the help I needed, I've got copies of some of my medical records from the time and I have letters from my psychiatrist saying things like "The lady is not depressed, her pain is purely physical, please deal with it". I know there is a huge connection between pain and depression and that I didn't get depressed at that time is something I want to celebrate and in someways marks a success in mind/body separation. My body isn't fully healed, it never will be so there is some element of fear in opening that connection.

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