Friday, November 6, 2009

That Friday feeling

Ok, maybe it's not a Friday feeling, maybe it's just how I'm feeling, emotionally I feel fine, physically I'm definitely not 100%, maybe the sniffle and the scratchy throat won't turn into anything, then again, maybe they will!

The good thing is that it seems that Grace probably wasn't reacting to ambien yesterday as this morning, instead of sleeping fo ages she just fed constantly, it's frustrating to have a milk supply that is so sensitive, getting slightly full yesterday seems to have led to less milk today.

More than one person suggested I try caramel apples, for simplicity, but that just made me all the more determined to make real toffee apples. This was accomplished with the aid of a brand new saucepan, I was actually given the money to buy one 4.5 years ago!

In finding a new recipe, I discovered there is some dispute as to what temperature the sugar should reach, ranging from soft ball to hard crack. What to me is a traditional toffee apple has very brittle toffee, which with my limited sugar boiling experience is hard crack. I discovered in the first attempt that hard crack on my sugar thermometer is the low end of the possible range and the resultant toffee wasn't really hard crack, so this time I let it go about 10 deg F above the hard crack line and it turned out perfectly.

The other tricky thing is keeping the sugar at a temperature where it isn't bubbling, but is still runny enough to cover the apples, none of the instructions I found suggested anything but taking the pan off the stove, which I did initially, which worked for the first few, then it became impossible to twist the apple as the sugar was so stiff, so I reheated it, then left the ring on low, which seemed to work.

Some day, I'd like to make Edinburgh rock, which is a favourite of mine, one I haven't had in a long time.

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