Sunday, November 1, 2009

safety during surgery

Over the past couple of years I've seen numerous articles like this, yet whenever I discuss this kind of thing with someone in healthcare, it seems like they are extremely defensive.

I was pretty stunned at the statement "Some have also implemented a check list system for each individual patient.", to me that seems obvious, surely someone should be checking the big picture, if the patient comes from a ward where they've been prepped, to you assume the people up there did everything right, how many times are basics missed like not having put surgical stockings on?

I've had a few surgeries now, in several different places, private and NHS in the UK and here in the US, obviously the type of surgery influences exactly how it is handled, but I've definitely felt more confident when the process has begun in an area dedicated to surgery than on a ward with a mixture of stages, I suppose because everyone is focused on preparing you for surgery and it seems less likely that something gets missed.

Only once in all that time have I spoken to the anethetist before the day of the surgery, which I've now decided is a very good idea and I'll always try to do in future. The opposite situation arose when on anethetist could only vaguely remember what Ehlers Danlos syndrome was and asked me if it would cause any problems with knocking me out!

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