Friday, November 13, 2009

more bizarre treatments

The nurse told me on the phone that I wanted to get my temperature up to 100.5, but as soon as it hit 101 that I should take paracetamol. I'd already been taking paracetamol for pain, so I was told not to take any more until my temp was up to 101, when DH woke me to feed Grace I was at 100.9 after feeding I didn't wait for the thermometer to settle on a reading once it got beyond 102, it was time to take those pills!

We've no idea where we picked this up, we know several people who've had it, but around a month-6 weeks ago, so it probably isn't directly from them. Kids, Grace and DH seem fine, so I'm keeping my distance other than to feed Grace, which should hopefully protect her. I'm even wondering about pumping and turning it into chocolate milk for the other kids.

It would probably be useful to think of other ways we can boost their immunity, chewy vitamins perhaps.

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