Saturday, November 7, 2009

maybe something, maybe not

My feeling slightly coldy increased fractionally today, but it's still far from a full blown cold - maybe you'd call that a mild cold! I'm wondering if it may be slight allergies as whilst we were getting Grace weighed, I suddenly got a whiff of some kind of plant and felt a suspicious tingle (not sure how to describe the feeling, if you've experienced plant allergies you'll know what I mean, if not, I'm not sure anything could describe it), which turned out to be from a large pot plant in a room across the corridor.

Yesterday I was lucky to get a quick response from my doctor and I was able to take the migraine preventer within two hours of the first symptoms, it worked! At least it worked on the headache and visual component, but still left a fair amount of nausea, which is exactly what happened last time I took it, but I was pregnant then, though I didn't know it.

After trying a friend's baby bjorn carrier last weekend and finding it infinitely more comfortable than the one we have, we reached deep into our pockets and bought one, it really was deep as the one we tried was an active version with extra back support, which I could feel was making a big difference for me. Now I'm going to have to use it as much as possible to justify it! Carrying her just in arms, or lifting the car seat was really bothering various bits of my body, so the discipline will hopefully be good for me!

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Joe, Jennifer, Clara, Hannah, Eliza said...

Anne-We have used the active baby bjorn with the all three much more comfortable. I think you will love it, and it should have good resale value, so you can put a little back in the pockets ;) I have had back trouble carrying them too, so it helps to have a good carrier! Hope you are doing well...maybe we'll catch up at church next week:) Jennifer