Thursday, November 12, 2009

knee is playing tricks on me

ok, so my knee isn't a sentient being and isn't able to play tricks on me, but that's certainly what it feels like. I can't remember the first time my left knee yelled at me, but it's been intermittant for a while and more frequent since Grace was born. The reason I say it's playing tricks on me is that it comes and goes without rhyme or reason, I really cannot fathom any triggers or cures.

What seems to happen is everything is fine, then I'll take a step upwards and the pain hits and it's so intense ans such a surprise that I may well cry out, stupidly I usually then try again a couple of times, then resort to taking stairs one at a time, right leg leading. Then I'll forget all about it, until the next time I climb stairs or cross uneven terrain. Sometimes the first pain will be the worst pain, sometimes not, often it goes away completely between triggers, but sometimes doesn't.

I rather suspect that this is yet another hint that I need to get fitter and stronger, which is something I still need to figure out how to do. I really have to do something, I should talk to Andrew about pilates, because of everything I've done that really does seem to work for me, but as the private sessions do seem to make a big difference in it's effectiveness, it's a cost issue as well as a time issue.


Joe, Jennifer, Clara, Hannah, Eliza said...

That sounds so much how my knee pain real rhyme or reason, and would suddenly be painful, then fine for a while....I had a torn meniscus (which requires arthroscopic surgery-yuck)....might be worth looking into. I know Joe, as a PT, was able to do a test with my leg to see if it might be the meniscus....maybe something to have a PT look at???

mumprime said...

Never occurred to me that on/off pain could be something like that, I was assuming it's on/off nature probably meant it was more random muscle tightness in my thigh that would then ease off. I've had arthroscopic surgery on the other knee and it's not really something I fancy doing again!