Monday, November 2, 2009


We've been wanting to get a new sofa for a while, when we went to Ikea in the summer, I saw one I liked and it's just been a matter of finding the time to get it. One of the cushions on our current sofa had a rip in it that was getting bigger and bigger and really frustrating me and I was getting pretty strong in saying we needed to do something about it.

Somehow not having a plan for dinner on Saturday, turned into a suggestion of going to Ikea to eat and sorting out getting the sofa delivered, which then turned into not eating at Ikea, but Andrew taking all the kids out afterwards to sort things out.

When he saw the boxes, he realised he could get them in the car, though he thought it would take two trips, so he arranged for them to be held for 24 hours, then brought the kids home, took the seats out and headed back for the first trip. It turned out that by a hair's breadth, he could get everything in so after 9pm on Saturday, we had all the pieces to build a new sofa.

I felt a bit mean and lazy, but after having read the approach to EDS that I recently posted, I decided not to push myself, but to be careful, which meant Andrew did a lot of hard work and I did a lot of unwrapping of plastic! I also took the conservative approach of going to bed promptly, leaving the job unfinished and suggested that Andrew did the same, thinking it would keep me awake. However he put it all together, for which I am very thankful and his activities didn't keep me awake, so on Sunday morning I came downstairs to a transformed living room, but empty boxes to climb over and a 3 seater sofa in the only available space left downstairs, meaning direct access from the kitchen to the dining room table was gone!

After letting the kids play with the boxes, they did make their way to the recycling on Sunday afternoon, thank you Andrew! But the extra sofa is still there, Andrew is convinced it will fit in the car, I'm not so confident, but fingers crossed it will and the tip is open very late, so it should get taken tonight and then we'll have space to move around again!

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