Friday, November 6, 2009

bother, migraine

I've been disorganised, my neurologist wrote me a prescription for a medication you take as soon as you feel a migraine coming on, but the pharmacist wouldn't fill it as she was concerned about it's possible interaction with lexapro, my doctor knew about the lexapro and also gave me some samples, but without actually asking him I can't assume that he knew about the possible interaction, but also thought it was ok, or whether he didn't, or had forgotten I was taking lexapro. So I don't even want to take one of the samples until I get an answer - I called his office, but it's possible they won't even get the message until after the weekend and if they do, I'm relying on the goodwill of his assistant to actually pass it on today rather than wait until Monday. I tried to leave a message that was apologetic for my own disorganisation whilst still communicating that a quick answer would be appreciated. I also discovered that I didn't refill my antisickness tablets and there is only one left, our pharmacy takes 12 hours to do a phone refill and this script got written as regular tablets not ones that dissolve on your tongue, which seem to work better.

To add to all that I'm running really low on painkillers, but as my regular doctor is on holiday right now for two weeks, when I called to make an appointment about two weeks ago, it ended up being almost a month away! So I'm really feeling like a bit of a lemon, I had plenty of opportunity to have plans in place for the likely occurance of a migraine and I didn't, talk about sticking you head in the sand!

I really shouldn't even be sat here blogging, I have two sleeping kids, I should be taking all possible actions to avoid this getting any worse, but having taken my afternoon dose of adderall my brain doesn't want to relax.

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