Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The big toffee apple disaster!

On Monday I mentioned the British tradition of toffee apples on bonfire night to Sausage Boy. As you would expect he wanted to make some. I've done it before and both kids have demonstrated they can be trusted to follow instructions in the kitchen, so I wasn't overly concerned about them being around boiling sugar.

The problem came in finding a recipe, I think I last made them when pregnant with Sausage Boy, so seven years ago. So I googled for a recipe and used the first one I found, BIG MISTAKE, after I eventually got the sugar to the right temperature, it became obvious that there was way too much fat in the recipe and the toffee just slid right off the apples!

Fortunately I'd already laid out foil trays for the leftovers, so I've just made a rather larger quantity than I expected of toffee!

I've done a bit more googling and found another few recipes and I given I have lots of apples, I think I will try again, even if it's after bonfire night, this time I'll go for fat free. Another suggestion I found was to have the apples in the fridge before you dip them in the toffee, so it sets quicker, so I'll be trying that too.

The kids were actually really good with preparing the apples, they carefully peeled off all the labels and then washed and dried them all, not a single one ended up on the floor, they struggled a bit more with pushing the sticks into the apples, but that isn't surprising.

I'm also very tempted to use this an excuse to buy a new saucepan as some of the non stick coating on mine came off and there was the odd black fleck in the toffee mixture.

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