Tuesday, November 24, 2009

6 months

Grace is 6 months old today, I can't quite believe it! I took some pictures of her earlier, but I haven't downloaded them yet.

She's become quite a social little girl, loves to interact with people, she even held her hand out to shake hands with someone at church on Sunday. She is very wriggly, to the extent I'm a little surprised she's not managed very much movement. I've had to move her crib so it's not touching our bed as her wriggles were wobbling it and stopping me from getting to sleep. Almost every time she goes down, she wriggles until the top of her head is touching the end of the crib, then goes to sleep, it's almost as if she needs something touching the top of her head to sleep!

She rolls both ways, but mostly one way then back to the start, not the full 360! She can sit up on your lap, but seems quite a long way from sitting by herself.

I expect a baby this age to be "mouthy", but she seems even more keen on this than the other two and she seems to prefer soft things to hard things, so not really a teething behaviour. She'll use her own clothes for this purpose if she can't grab anything else.

She had a really cute moment yesterday where it seemed like she suddenly discovered her left foot, hiding in side her sleepsuit, she had a good look at it, then tried to shove it in her mouth. I tried to introduce her to her right foot, but she wasn't having any of it.

She's breastfeeding great, we've finally got to a point where I don't have to work to make enough milk for her and I'm verging on having an overactive letdown and she coughs and splutters because it's flowing too fast, which is such a nice feeling as it's taken so long to get here!

We're not planning to start her on solids yet, she doesn't seem anywhere near ready, if I'm right about when she was conceived, she was almost a month early, so it's not all that surprising. However at this point if she does grab something on our plates that's ok for her, we won't stop her. We'll be careful with dairy as I still have a nagging suspicion she's sensitive to it and because I don't eat wheat, she's not been exposed to that indirectly, so we'll be cautious about that too. This is the longest I've exclusively breastfed, Sausage Boy needed some supplementation and Banana Girl reached out and stuffed a fairy cake in her mouth one day before 6 months, so it's only one day longer!

I looked at the other kids' red books and saw what weights they were at this stage, Sausage Boy was 13lb, having barely gained anything in the 6th month, but it was more than double his birth weight! Banana Girl wasn't weighed as it was obvious she was doing just fine, but she must have been 16-17lb, barely double her birthweight. Grace was under Sausage Boy for a while, but 2.5 weeks ago she was over 13lb, so I'm guessing at her visit tomorrow she'll be around 14lb, which won't be double her birthweight. They don't measure length in the UK, so heightwise I can't really compare, but then all our babies have clearly been on the shorter end of the scale and she's no different!

She's just woken up, so I guess that's the end of "Grace at 6 months".

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