Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a cutie


Here's a photo I took this morning. She remains our smallest baby for this age, weighing in at 12lb1oz on Thursday, at current rate of progess she'll probably double her birth weight at 7ish months.
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Achelois said...

Hi I thought I should introduce myself as I have spent this evening reading your blog. I am in the UK and also have Ehlers Danlos. I just want to say this - with all the health issues you deal with I really admire the way you manage to keep dancing are so creative and how wonderfully thoughtful and caring you are of your children who by the way are beautiful. The baby looks (at a similar age) remarkably like my daughter who is 19 now. Your blog is a testament that it is possible to live well with chronic conditions and I really hope the bad patch you are going through eases soon. I wonder if it would be worth investigating your hormone levels to see if there is any link at the minute. My pregnancy hormones at the age your baby is now and my other ones kicked in big time and in retrospect I got pretty ballistic about loads of 'stuff'. Please keep writing your blog it helps me to read blogs of others with EDS to motivate me into keeping active and focused. Well that's me introducing myself and offer my best sincere wishes. Take care and thank you for your blog.