Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The schedule at the hospital is actually fairly loose, we do check-in each morning, where each of us is asked how we are and how the evening has gone, along with specific questions about things like sleep or substance use, based on that, the therapist decides what we'll do that day.

The first hour is mostly learning about a topic, such as boundaries, feelings, anxiety and the second hour is the same topic, but more about tools and skills. It's very loose though and in someways the main difference is there is more talking in the 2nd hour.

The first hour after lunch is usually purely talking, we each share and question each other and how things are going, which is of course confidential!

The last hour is art therapy or meditation, followed by check out, where there are two main questions, what are you going to do for yourself tonight and are you safe?

You can get pulled out to talk with the nurse or doctor and you are allowed to go to appointments, family commitments and the like. Today I went to see my new psychiatrist at 2, so I was basically only there for the morning, then a very brief check in before I left.

What I'm finding challenging right now is finding the balance in the information I'm receiving, when it comes from quite a different world view. The topic of boundaries was particularly challenging, as I think that it's possible to set a mature boundary that is still sinful and that an undeveloped boundary might well not be sinful, though it may easily expose you to sin. Selfishness is not considered to be wrong, but a necessary protection of self, which I completely disagree with.

I hope to talk tomorrow about what the plan is for discharge as I was led to understand that it was usually upto ten days that you go to the program and I think discharge in the middle of next week rather than on the Friday might actually work better.

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