Thursday, October 15, 2009

tough times

If it's not one thing, it's another, at least that's what it seems like in this house!

I had an appointment with my psychiatrist on Tuesday afternoon, it started with her telling me she'd spoke to my neurologist and he hadn't been able to confirm that I had narcolepsy. What? I was stunned, did I miss hear him 2 and a half years ago? Apparently I'd never done the main diagnostic test, but she couldn't remember it's name, erm, well, it's called a multiple sleep latency test and I've done it! We continued to go round in a circle with me saying what tests I had done and when etc. and her continuing to disbelieve me.

Then she said there was no medical explaination for what had happened last Wednesday and tried to blame it on anxiety, seeming pleased with herself that we'd apparently had a "difficult" appointment that day. However she did still say I shouldn't take Cymbalta. However anxiety also doesn't give an explaination, I know I wasn't anxious, I don't know what happened, I do feel pretty confident it was related to the Cymbalta as the timing fitted so perfectly with the way the dose would have been released into my system.

After that I don't really remember much about the appointment, I was pretty distraught over the the narcolepsy thing. Afterwards I had to go straight to pick Sausage Boy up from school and as soon as I got home called the neurologists office, I got a call back pretty quickly from his assistant, who hadn't even bothered to get my chart out before calling me, she started off by trying to tell me I needed to book for this test, I pointed out that I'd had it and she tried to tell me I needed to do it again, I pressed the point, did the records show that I'd had it or not, which was when I found she wasn't even looking at them, then I sat on hold for a while and she came back on the phone and said oh I had done it and no I didn't need to redo it and to come in for an appointment. I asked them to call the psychiatrist and explain their mistake.

To their credit, they did do that and she called and left a message apologising, which is pretty rare for a doctor to do. However, what they now want me to do is to change meds to one which I've discovered is uncompatible with breastfeeding, though I don't know whether that thought would have crossed either of there minds. So the appointment tomorrow could be interesting, particularly as neither Andrew nor I think the current medication is causing any problems, if anything it's days when I don't take it that are problems.

I went last night for an assessment for a type of group therapy called DBT, I tried to go with an open mind, but I really don't think it's the right thing for me at this particular time, the commitment is just too great, it's 28 weeks long! They also want you to be established with an individual therapist and as last week I decided to seek a Christian therapist and am thus just starting out, that also doesn't fit. In particular with this group therapy, they make you commit financially to the full 28 weeks and even my psychiatrist was suggesting "try it for a couple of months", which basically isn't allowed.

I met with the new therapist this afternoon, it's hard to say from the first meeting what I think as it was mostly just her asking questions.

Tonight will be my first opportunity to go to women's bible study at our church, they met for the first time last week, when I was in the hospital.

I slept very badly last night, it seemed like everytime I got close to sleep something would disturb me. Andrew gave Grace a bottle very late, probably about 3 hours later than usual and he disturbed me coming in to get her and coming back again to go to bed himself, despite that, she woke up earlier than usual at about 20 past 5. I think I got about 3 hours sleep last night!

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