Monday, October 26, 2009

time is ticking

Grace woke up and needed a change and feeding, which I took as a chance for me to rest and listened to "The Unbelievable Truth" a comedy panel game on radio 4. Meanwhile Banana Girl managed to spend that whole time washing her hands, or rather flooding the bathroom, thank goodness for tiles, she was happy, I could let her enjoy herself!

After feeding Grace occupied herself with thoroughly cleaning out her bowels, lovely, she needed a complete change of clothes, so I took the opportunity to give her a bath and Banana Girl "helped", which turned into her having a good look through my jewellery box whilst I got Grace dressed. We had a good discussion about crosses, she found one and identified that it should go on a necklace and even though it's decorative with a stone in the middle, she linked it to Jesus dieing on a cross, I asked her why she thought I might wear it and she told me why Jesus died on the cross and I discussed with her that I could wear it as a reminder to myself about that, or because I wanted others to know, she told me that we should tell other people about it.

Interestingly, today's devotion in My Utmost for His Highest was about that, but emphasising that we tell people because Jesus commanded it, not because of wanting them to know. I guess my take on it is that Jesus commanded it because he wants people to know, so we would also want people to know, but that perhaps in exhortations for evangelism we focus a bit too much on the side of wanting people to know, rather than bring it back to basics, that it is what we are commanded to do.

It's about half an hour until I leave for the psychiatrist, I'm going to make my task for that time to collect all the rubbish from upstairs, so off to get a big black bin bag!

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