Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm just tucking into some potatoes to make sure I get something in my stomach before taking my meds.

I wrote a couple of letters I needed to write last night, but wanted to run them by a friend before sending them. I wrote them into cards this morning, they were delivered this afternoon, but last I heard were still unread.

It's in God's hands now, I know I'm right before him, I've confessed my sin and stand righteous before him due to the cleansing blood of Christ! Isn't that amazing? If it weren't for that I'd be waiting for human forgiveness that may never come.

It occurred to me that my nausea could be from cutting down the seroquel, so I googled it and this is indeed possible. However I believe I do need to be off it and whilst I don't feel great, it's not awful either. The psychiatrist I saw on Wednesday seemed surprised that I was on it, I think the logic for starting the similar drug was because I presented late in pregnancy and the psychiatrist wanted to get my mood up by the time of the birth, but I've ended up on it for too long. So it's possible I'll feel worse tomorrow as I take half yesterday's dose tonight, then no more.

Andrew is pretty frazzled right now, I don't know how I'll feel tomorrow and Sausage Boy has an event at school in the middle of the day that I really want to be at and the hospital okayed at the beginning of the week, but I'm not sure how that will all work out as we're working with one car tomorrow.

Then Monday we have a well baby visit in the morning, which means vaccinations, so I want to be present to nurse afterwards, then another appointment with the new psychiatrist in the afternoon, so I'm really not sure how my future participation in the partial hospitalization program will work out. I think right now all I can do is wait until tomorrow morning and see how I am feeling.

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