Monday, October 26, 2009

still awake

I took my "sleeping tablet" 3 hours ago and I'm still awake, this is my 3rd night free of Seroquel and I did manage to fall asleep the last 2 nights, though Grace prevented a good nights sleep!

She's trying hard to do the same tonight, she's up for the 1st time already, but she's getting a bottle.

I don't even feel drowsy and still feel a little anxious (the sleeping tablet is lorezapam, so should act on anxiety as well) about tomorrow, not so much the hospital, but more tomorrow as a whole, I'd like to take Sausage Boy to his maths olympiad prep to see what they get up to, DH took him to the first one last week.

I'd also like to take Banana Girl to preschool, ideally leaving Grace at home, so I can walk in with her and give her my full attention.

I don't really want to take Grace to the doctors, I just don't like finding out her weight and being disappointed by it, even though the doctor isn't worried there has been enough doubt put in my mind both from the lactation consultants and how Sausage Boy's weight was handled. I'm also thinking I don't want her to get any of the vaccines she had a month ago as it seems too close and even though the doctor has been fine with it so far, at some point she might get unhappy.

However I don't feel that I'm mulling all this over in my mind, I feel like I don't want to lie still, I'm fidgity, which isn't conducive to falling asleep!

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