Saturday, October 24, 2009


Grace gave us the worst night she's given us, waking 4 times! That's the kind of morning when I'm thankful for narcolepsy and having meds to help me stay awake, honestly, if it wasn't for that, it would have been very tricky to deal with our commitments for today. Sausage Boy had a dance competition, which meant I was driving on the freeway like it or not.

Some friends had offered to take our kids so we could have a night out, but we were both so tired that our night out was the local sushi bar and watching an episode of House!

I'm tired and in pain and trying to avoid over reflecting on how my mood is, I think how I handle things is a better indication than how I feel, some woman came up to this morning when I'd laid Grace carefully on the floor whilst I pinned Sausage Boy's number on and had a go at me for how I was handling the baby, I just politely said "why don't you mind your own business", when I could have clammed up, attempted to ignore her and let her make further comments, equally I could have rumminated on it all day and made all sorts of leaps in thought about my mothering skills. Instead, on her comment that when she'd seen me in August I was holding the baby like a sack of potatoes, I've just been chuckling with an image of me holding a sack of potatoes! Grace used to really like what I think is known as colic hold and it is rather like scooping up a sack of potatoes over one arm!

Dance competitions and House watching mean plenty of knitting opportunities, I weighed my yarn before I came upstairs and I'm 16g beyond my target for this week and it's only Saturday evening.

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