Friday, October 23, 2009


My back is playing up badly this evening, it may be related to having carried a sleeping Grace in her car seat from the school car park to Sausage Boy's classroom, I should have got the stroller out, but I didn't want to have to deal with getting it through all the doors!

We had a fairly successful trip to the mall, picking up a butterfly costume for Grace and a princess costume for Banana Girl, however we got that home to find it had a dirty mark on it, so it's got to go back, but thankfully that can be combined with a trip to choose Sausage Boy a costume.

I pulled the exersaucer out of the garage to see if Grace was strong enough for it, which she is, but she's really too small for it, we're hitting the same problem as we had with Sausage Boy as he was turning into a toddler, that even the smallest ride on toy we could find, his feet didn't touch the floor, I don't know what his height was at a year, but he weighed 17 and a half pounds, which plenty of babies are at Grace's age (5 months tomorrow).

Soon it will be time to buy another tripp trapp chair and fish the baby set out of the garage. We plan on baby led introduction of solids, at least to start off with, rather than going with runny cereal! We offerred purees and cereal to Sausage Boy, but didn't really have much success, Banana Girl did like cereal, but it led to her refusing the breast first thing in the morning, which I'd like to avoid with Grace, I'd rather she cut out other feeds first, not that we have any kind of schedule going!

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