Sunday, October 25, 2009

my body

Due to doing the partial hospitalisation program, I had to cancel some physical therapy appointments, in someways that was a good thing as I don't think the PT was really helping, I think my body still needs time to recover from being pregnant. Some sources suggest that people with EDS should do only light activities for 6 months, though don't mention the effect of breastfeeding at all. Lifting strollers and car seats is almost unavoidable and probably doesn't count as light activities!

Being at the hospital in the day hasn't helped either as I think the sitting as flared up my hip and tail bone to a less extent. My hip seems to be going down hill though, as on Friday I was fine taking a trip to the mall and back, but today it was sore walking home from Radio Shack, which is closer than the mall.

Sometimes I wonder why I went through the hip surgery, but then I have to remember that sometimes it is pain free, when it never was before, the problem is, it just seems so vulnerable and little things send it into a worsening spiral. So far the bes solution I've found is a particular massage therapist, who tells me that the joint capsule itself tightens unevenly. Problem is, that isn't covered under insurance and it takes an hour and I probably need to do multiple sessions.

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