Monday, October 12, 2009

Just reread my last post!

I just reread what I posted on Thursday - quite a few spelling and gramatical mistakes, not that those are usually my best area anyway!

I was still in the hospital at that point and fairly drugged up, I was getting pain meds and antianxiety stuff, even though I wasn't feeling anxious, the doctor said that because this was a reaction to antidepressants, the antianxiety meds would help with restoring brain chemistry. I did need them to get the MRI done as I struggle with claustrophobia.

I had the opportunity yesterday to write a fairly detailed note on Facebook about what exactly happened on Wednesday, I'll copy it here soon.

As for how things are now, well, that's a relatively long story. Andrew's mum broke her wrist yesterday falling down the stairs whilst carrying a laundry basket, they had to put her under some kind of sedation to set it, Andrew had left her at the ER after they sorted out all the admission stuff, then we had dinner and I went back to be with her, I arrived whilst she was under and was sent away, I don't think she'd have been aware whether I was there or not and I think they don't like people to see what people are like under that kind of sedation, I'm glad I saw what little I did as, though I saw her moaning in agony, I knew afterwards what she'd been through and could rejoice that she genuinely did seem unaware of it, the nurse was also glad someone had arrived to be with her as they wanted me to keep her talking to check she was ok after she'd come out of it. It was amazing to see how fast she changed and how quickly the stuff must have got out of her system. She went to see a hand surgeon this morning and he was pleased with it, so it looks like she will avoid surgery.

I'm not fully recovered from my ordeal, but do seem to be on the mend, this morning was quite hard getting MIL to the hand surgeon, then Banana Girl to her well child visit, with Grace in tow, then back to pick up MIL. Andrew will pick up Sausage
Boy from school and I do have a plan for dinner. We also have our weekly shop arriving today, I finalised the order last night when I wasn't feeling great, so it could be interesting!

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