Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grace - 5 months





I try to take a picture of Grace on her month birthdays, this time she's playing with Daddy! Her most recent weight was last Thursday (9 days ago), and she was 12lb1oz, so she's probably about 12.5lb now. She's rolling from back to front easily and front to back with lots of hard work! She's starting to grab things and put them in her mouth, she wanted to tast big brother's dancing shoes today! She doesn't seem interested in food, other than as another object that could potentially go in her mouth, we were at a sushi bar today and she was more interested in football on the TV than what we were eating. Because we've gone slow on vaccinations, she'll have a 5 months well baby visit, which is on Monday, at which point we'll be asking the doctor about options for one of her birth marks, I forget the official name, but she has 2 strawberry birth marks on the top layer of skin and one deeper, one of the surface ones is in a nappy area and it's become blistered and is causing her pain.
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