Saturday, October 31, 2009

An EDS plan

I found this on an EDS blog today, written by Sama Bellomo, I do intend to comment on it, but I'm letting it have it's own post to avoid any confusion as to who the author is, as in it's not me that wrote it!


Mastering EDS: A mind and body approach to education, adaptation and acclimation

I write this plan to take control of my health, acknowledging both mind and body as integral to gaining control.

Ground rules:
-Overcome, adapt, keep a level head, keep going!
-What we cannot cure, we must endure.
-Accept that laxity and dislocations are going to happen

Short Term:
-Let it hurt, get mad, emote
-Draw, write, sing, paint
-Move on, find self-worth

Educate myself about my condition
-Recover health records
-Recover diagnostic imaging
-Read enough to understand, but not everything

Let friends, professors, health care help
-Build concise list of communicative sentences
-Talk, type
-Stay involved with the world

-Identify hardest obstacles and overcome/adapt
-Environment (messes, furniture, ergonomics)
-Holding pens, cracking fingers, loose wrists
-Cracking ankles, feet, toes
-Make time and compartmentalize it

Be realistic
-Accept pain and accommodate rather than resist
-Plan ahead to avoid complications
-Maintain what is currently in good health
-Find ways to have fun without getting injured

Take care of my body
-Find a healthy exercise program that feels safe and effective

Make peace with my body
-Treat it with kindness, mindfulness
-Push it to its limit, but not beyond
-Adapt with splints and surgery (only when necessary)

Let society deal with society's stigmas
-Become self-confident in my abilities
-Let people ask and be answered
-Understand how my environment works for/against me from my own perspective

Be well,
Sama Bellomo

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Achelois said...

Thats a very long list! Do you have a link to the blog it looks interesting reading.