Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad night

I'm having an awful time of it right now, the situation is too complex to explain, but I've got the closest to suicide I've got in this episode of depression and no one seems to care.

I was googling the various medicines I had around to figure out what would work and I found lots of references to seroquel causing paranoia, given that my paranoia seems to be the major feature right now, this is something I've got to act on, however, I know from the one time I did skip a dose that the next day was dire, so I'm not skipping my dose, but I want off this medication ASAP and I'll be asking how to do that tomorrow at the day program. Until I found that out, I felt I had no hope.

People around me are telling me that my view of the world is narrow and getting narrower, I really hope that this explains thing, otherwise I've no idea how we break this cycle.


betsy said...

I'm sorry you're going through this. I've added you to our family prayers.

I am not a medical professional, but it seems to me that you may need a doctor who has the knowledge and experience to look at the big picture with all your medicines and side effects, to analyze what is going on.


Achelois said...

Please tell your husband if you are able, Your GP please that you are feeling this way. If you cannot put it into words just get someone to read the post you have just made. I am very very concernced about you.

jonathan said...

Dear Anne (and Andrew). We are thinking and praying for you at this difficult time. I am worried about you, and hope I can talk with you both soon. Take care, Jon.