Friday, September 25, 2009

so frustrating

Stupidly when the latest crisis blew up I continued weaning off one of my meds, finally on Wednesday night I realised that it had been a bad idea and went back up to the previous dose that I'd been doing ok on.

Thursday was good, as was this morning, but I think a restless night last night has not helped how I'm feeling now, but I'm just feeling "bleugh" rather than feeling very low, in terms of productivity it amounts to the same thing, but it's a more hopeful state!

My symphysis pubis is really sore this afternoon, I blame it on having met Sausage Boy at school to walk part of his walkathon, it feels a bit lame that 3 laps and my body is complaining, when he managed 8 no problems.

I'm also having major problems with breastfeeding, my appetite has been low, which can't have helped and Grace continues to not quite stimulate me enough, we're currently doing roughly 1/3 each of fresh pumped milk, frozen milk (from when I had oversupply early on) and 1/3 at the breast. I'd really like to not reduce the stash in the freezer, but freeze some and use older stuff to rotate it. I think some bottles are inevitable at this stage, partly because she needs those large feeds to gain weight and partially because she is a distraction if I take her to things like psychotherapy appointments and now we have childcare available, it makes sense to use it and make best advantage of those appointments.

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