Monday, September 21, 2009

More lace

I made some bobbins out of wooden skewers and beads, but never got round to doing anything with them. I also found online a basic kit and when I got a 50% off voucher for that store in my email, I decided it was time to use it. I now have to wait 5-10 business days for delivery!

In my borrowing of books on lace, one was on lacy knitting, the very last pattern in the book is the most gorgeous square doily with a peacock in the centre, it's just crying out to be knitted, so I also took the chance to order the exact yarn used for it as well as a set of size 0 double pointed needles, I'm note sure if I've even used size 1 before, so these will feel very thin!

As I've been reading more and learning more about the various types of lace, I think I'm mostly interested in Honiton lace, though it seems that learning at least the basics of Torchon lace is a good route to that and one of the books I borrowed I like the style of for learning from it, so I intend to begin with that.

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