Friday, September 4, 2009


I wasn't sure whether or not to start a new blog for this, it's a brand new topic and I hope one that will run for some time. I was at the library today and after doing my usual browsing of knitting and quilting books, I was drawn to the section on lace.

Lace has long held a fascination for me, I remember as a child borrowing books from the library on lace related topics, though never being able to make anything, though I think I may have tried some basic bobbin lace with wool on a pin board!

I remember borrowing books on the little known craft of sprang, my experimentation was only to see what happened when I plaited wool with both ends fixed.

I learned to crochet, though I didn't make anything lacy, only granny squares, if memory serves correctly.

I could also knit, though it must have been well into adulthood when I first did a yarn over for anything other than a button hole, I love lace knitting for garments, but from time to time I have dipped a little into lace knitting that looks like crocheted lace or even bobbin lace, though it's only been reading, not doing!

I also did some macrame (I really must learn how to add accents!), I think the most adventurous thing I made was a shawl for one of my sister's teddy bears.

Lace continued to fascinate and I remember gazing in the windows of lace shops in Belgium when on holiday. I even brought lace back with me from honeymoon.

A charity shop book find made me aware of a type of lace known as tape lace, though making that type doesn't appeal at all.

My drifting eyes in the library today will hopefully be the beginning of a journey of exploration that may finally involve actually making some lace!

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