Monday, September 21, 2009

Knitting progess

I really thought I wasn't going to make it with my one ball a week schedule, even though I got a head start by finishing ball number four a few days early, but thanks to two trips as a passenger on Saturday and one on Sunday I made rapid progress, so here is a picture of where I got to with that fifth ball and the completed back.


That meant that for the rest of Sunday I felt I could work on another project, which is of my own design, a frilly, tutu style skirt for Grace. I just bought her some leg warmers (way easier than tights!) that say "Tiny Dancer" all over them, i'd bought the yarn that is used for the frills in a clearance sale, thinking it would be great to embellish something for one of the girls. I had then picked up pink yarn to match when I was at Joanns with the kids setting them up with knitting looms, soon after buying the leg warmers finally the idea came to my head. I'm planning it to be for when she's about 6 months old and starting to sit up. I'll do a rib waist band that I can thread elastic through if necessary and depending on how it hangs I may add an under layer.


Now it's Monday, I've gone back to the cardigan. The yarn was packaged in four bags of five balls, so it was a good feeling ripping into the 2nd bag. Also, the next pattern section knits up a bit faster than the previous one and also uses more yarn, so hopefully this week will be an easy one.
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